The foodservice market is ready for IQF cheese.

IQF cheese will open up a large market for fine cheeses, reaching millions of new consumers over the world.
Consumption of delicate cheeses will no longer be reserved to those very exclusive outlets where cost is irrelevant.

Sourcing from is a win/win proposition for both distributors and users.

For the distributor:

Innovating product range
IQF cheese is a new and exclusive high quality product with a Unique Sales Point - ‘Fine cheeses for all’

Efficient logistics
IQF cheese is a frozen product: it can fit right in with an existing frozen product range – vegetables, fruit, meat, fish, finger food ….. and goes to the same foodservice customers. Foodservice users can reduce their supplier base.

Sticker price
IQF cheese is a frozen product: big savings can be made over air-freight transport costs for short shelf-life cheese. Distribution costs are spread over the total frozen products range and margins are improved.

Storage Control and Management
IQF Cheese has a long shelf life: no more waste or recycling of an expensive article through sales/seasonal cycles.

For the foodservice user:

Cost control
IQF cheese is pre-portioned: no specific equipment required and big savings on labour costs and process time.
Tight control on weight brings down recipe costs.

Recipe and Ingredient Control
IQF cheese is pre-portioned: simple preparation, just what you need - no more, no less. High marks for taste and quality.

Storage Control and Management
IQF Cheese has a long shelf life: no more waste of an expensive ingredient.

Become a distributor is expanding and welcomes new business partners to share our vision of ‘Fine cheeses for all’.
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