IQF Diced Mozzarella

IQF Diced Mozzarella is a stretched curd cheese made from pasteurised cow’s milk.
It’s typical melting and browning properties are well appreciated.

The product is cleverly portioned in dice and very easy to use.

Our IQF freezing system and smart portioning ensure that kitchen professionals can design new recipes with enhanced flavour. At the same time it’s easy to keep a tight control on costs and also keep waste to a minimum.

IQF Diced Mozzarella

Pizza made using IQF Diced Mozzarella


Typical applications are: pizza, pasta and salads.

Freezing and portioning process:

Mozzarella curd is diced to proper dimensions and individual dice are instantly quick frozen to stop the ageing process. IQF Mozzarella dice is clearly superior to chilled Mozzarella in blocs or shred and is a guarantee of high quality and consistent melting performance.


  • Pasteurised cow’s milk
  • Salt
  • Microbial rennet
  • Lactic cultures

Origin & certification:

  • EU
  • Production plants HACCP, IFS and/or BRC certified
  • Non GMO product elaborated without additives
  • IQF diced Mozzarella is available under our Festinotm brand.

Product details:

  • Appearance: paste is creamy white with no openings
  • Taste: mild and milky
  • Texture (thawed): supple and elastic
  • Dice dimensions: 4 x 4 x 4 mm, slightly irregular
  • Available in either Food Service or Industrial pack size

This product offers all the advantages associated with IQF Cheese products:

  • Taste and texture identical to the original product
  • Stable and reliable quality, box after box
  • Fixed ingredient cost thanks to simple portion control
  • Easy handling, frozen or thawed
  • Efficient stock management with a long shelf life under frozen conditions
  • Minimal product loss
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